Restaurant lunch menu

Lunch Menu

Our "Table d'Hôte":
Any dish + a soup or a salad or a desert : 2.00$
Any dish + a soup or a salad and a desert : 4.00 $



Traditionnal onion soup
As an extra ‘’Table d’Hôte’’ : 3.00 $
12.00 $ Vegetarian soup of the day
Strictly vegetarian, gluten free
6.00 $





Endive salad with blue cheese and Grenoble walnut
dressing: walnut, hazelnut and peanut oils with xeres vinegar; gluten free
14.50 $ Seasonal vegetables salad with feta cheese
Brocoli, green beans, artichoke hearts, cherry tomatoes, grilled sweetpeppers, grilled zucchini(greek salad), red wine vinegar and olive oil dressing; gluten free
15.50 $ "Niçoise" salad
tomato, tuna salad, hard boiled egg, green beans, new potatoes, olives, onions : gluten free
17.00 $




Paninis and buckwheat gluten free wrap

Shredded braised pork sandwich
in a milk bread with sautéed apples and onions on milk bread , served with red cabbage salad
12.00 $ Parisien
white ham and swiss gruyere sautéed onions and mushrooms on white bread
12.50 $ Vegetarian Mediterranean
roasted eggplant, zucchini and sweetpepper, fresh tomato, Kalamata olives, pesto, goat and swiss gruyère cheese on olive bread
15.00 $ Smoked salmon and cream cheese buckwheat wrap
capers and red onions; gluten free
15.00 $ Mediterranean with chicken
same as vegetarian Mediterranean with grilled grain fed chicken breast with herbs
16.50 $ Eastern Townships style
smoked Brome Lake duck breast, a mix of St Benoit Abbey blue cheese and cream, swiss cheese, Grenoble walnuts, and a touch of maple syrup, on white bread
17.50 $ Our very own maple wood smoked salmon plate
smoked in our Mansonville smokehouse, served with Owl's Bread 8 grains bread, can be replaced by gluten free rice crackers
17.50 $ Libanese
shredded Quebec lamb, roasted sweetpepper homos, grilled eggplant, fresh tomato, ewe feta cheese and goat cheddar on your choice of white or olive bread
18.00 $




Our cold and hot specialities

Warm salad of duck gizzards ‘’au confit’’
''Confit'' of duck gizzards served with a salad, walnut, hazelnut oil and Jeres vinegar dressing; sans gluten
16.00 $ Duck foie gras ''en terrine''
Québec duck foie gras, cooked in a terrine: one slice served with an endive and radiccio salad with xeres vinegar, hazelnut and walnut vinaigrette, homemade fig jam, pistachios and dates bread
18.50 $ $




Main dishes of the day

Sorry, not available at this time